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עודכן: 9 באוק׳ 2018

My name is Ilana Seleznev and I`m an industrial designer

this fact is important since the methodology is related to studies and my work, but not only. I appeal to everyone, not just designers – as part of our endless learning in life – it has professionally bothered me that our world is represented as very amorphous and lacks in methodologies when in reality, we as Product designers must design products like cars – not really amorphous, is it?

How does Mathematics relate to design, you ask? 

In my opinion, creative and innovative development and design should be based on clear tools and formulas, in other words, working systematically and in patterns.Just as it is in the practical world – in mathematics.

Our brain is known for its use of patterns in order to make sense and save energy. so why not use those tools, given to us naturally, to make sense in the chaos and pressure of finding the next innovation?

Let me give you an example:

many professionals go out of their way (usually accomplishing not much) for that epiphany moment, that “ah-ha” moment. Yet in the methodology I’m currently developing, or as I like to call it “the math of design”, thinking and working inside the box makes it more effective and useful to create innovative ideas. Instead of being pressured by finding the next best thing and racking our brains on thinking outside of box, we can apply the same methods and patterns-just like mathematics. Using simple math-like tools, we can create innovative and extraordinary products in a fast and efficient way.Looking deeper in our daily environment and surroundings in a methodological way can enlighten us and open new ways of thinking and using materials we have never thought of before.

so, who said thinking inside the box is bad? using the right tools, it`s inspiring!

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