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עודכן: 9 באוק׳ 2018

Once again arrived, and in the blink of an eye- ended, this magical time of the year- the Milan Design Week.

Thousands of designers, presenting their creations in over 900 events and attracting

almost 400,000 visitors each year at the Milan Design Week.

Besides their own exhibitions, special spaces and unique designers presenting their

work on every corner, even the streets wore special designs.

It was so much fun to get lost in the streets, open my eyes and look at the views, the

design showcases, automotive exhibitions and various attractions of colorful design.

Though the Design Week is already over, I was left with a longing for more, yet filled

with inspiration.

Interested in sharing my incredible visual experience? Take a look a let the photos

speak for themselves…

I hope that you will enjoy those photos and maybe some of them will inspire you the

way they inspired me.

I will be glad to answer your questions at:

Have a great week everybody!

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