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5 may / 2020



 Write down  29.5.2024


The very first Inspiration Day will take place in Israel on May

5th 2020 and it will spread its wings across the world.

It is about one day in a year to stop and connect to the

sources of inspiration.

An opportunity to stop the mad marathon we call life and create a vision board, to tell our story or participate in an inspiring lecture about inspiring characters from different aspects: dancing, art, sculpture, photography, technology, space and more.


On our website you can recieve ideas about how to make Inspiration day meaningful.

Are you a scouts instructor? A military officer? here on the website you can recieve ideas for enriching classes.

The term Inspiration is power, it is an elevator towards creation. Unlike dreams which are fantasies - inspiration drives you. In the new age we’re living in change is inevitable. If our parents had only one stable job for life, in our case we will probably differ from career to career.

In a positive notion, we are granted to live in an era of changes, innovation and progress. Honestly, it requires from us to stamp our passport into the changing age.


To accept the change and prepare for it, we should equip our toolbox and upgrade it. The most important tool we should cherish is inspiration. Inspiration surrounds us, leading us towards creative ideas, to growth and fulfillment.

Inspiration is the main condition and foundation to every creation since the dawn of history.

I have a vision

Children with an Inspiring model.

How do we get started? the key is accessibility.


So what is my dream?


Museum of Inspiration 7/5.


The museum consists of 5 different arenas that spread magic and create a circle of Inspiration.


International set of museums, the first one will rise in Tel Aviv, afterwards it will spread it’s wings beyond the sea - Berlin, Singapour city, Barcelona and San Francisco. The set of the museums will be dedicated entirely to inspiration and the name is 7/5.


We are looking for the unicorns, pioneers that can recognize a rare passion intertwined in an innovative idea and act on it.

If you are interested, hungry for more details and willing to guide, share and lead this fascinating initiative - Say I!

Fill in the details and we will contact you.

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