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According to our blog tradition and my promise, this month will be devoted entirely to inspiring exhibitions (because we have already agreed that inspiration is everywhere, all you have to do is notice it). This post will be dedicated to one particular exhibition that thrilled me – The IAA

I have a little secret to share with you… before I started product designing my dream was actually automotive design. During my undergraduate degree, I discovered that in Israel the realization of my dream is not probable yet at the same time I was exposed to other realms of this incredible and exciting new field – industrial design.

Despite everything, in my spare time the love for vehicles remains. My visit to this exhibition isn`t a matter of chance- it`s both connected to my work as a designer and to my unrealized dream. Want to know what you have missed throughout this outstanding event? Keep reading while I tell you about some of the new trends

What is this event I`m talking about, you ask?

The 2017 IAA- the world’s largest International Automotive show (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) that takes place every two years in the city of banks and German industry, Frankfurt.

Frankfurt has traditionally introduced to the world many of the most significant German cars. Over the years, the show has revealed cars like the original Volkswagen beetle, Audi TT (first as a concept), BMW New Class (the 3rd Series predecessor) and X5, Mercedes SLR and McLaren SLS, and as if it weren’t enough, many of the most significant and interesting cars in the world were born there- Peugeot 406, Jaguar XF, Hyundai IX35, Alfa 156 and the list goes on…

Introducing this year`s innovations-

The design world and industrial design in particular, offers new trends every year in accordance with social needs, technological developments and outlines that dominate the world of design in general. Many of these trends influence the choices people make during everyday life, whether it`s picking a certain type of vase, deciding on home décor or buying a car.

When it comes to influencing the world`s design trends, the automotive industry ranks highly in the second place, right after the fashion industry.

Today the dominating trend in vehicle design is influenced by energy saving or a new electric batteries. Most of the companies busy white  the development of independent driving and environmental concern which reflects in the design of small, lightweight and aerodynamic cars. Alongside this trend, fluorescent and prominent vehicle colors like black, yellow and blue will dominate in the near future. In addition, Matte finishing and complete customization of a specific model individually to the customers request that very imprortent on this last year`s.

At the IAA I came across countless halls filled with beauty and innovation. Out of all the new trends presented by various manufacturers using extraordinary displays, I have chosen to focus on three main aspects that caught my attention and I couldn`t wait to share with you and explain how it`s tied to my work and to you–my beloved readers.

My surfaces saw the limelight! I was delighted to see in Frankfurt that the automotive industry has advanced when it comes to the use of different surfaces, because it relates directly to the design field. Finally, the vehicle industry started to pay attention to surface work, after years of producing square and box-like cars (just remember how our older cars used to look). The first example that comes to mind when I think of this change is the new Seat. It has a small strip (or a line, if you like) that separates the doors, a surface if we use professional jargon. This single line provides a look that makes it seem like there are transitions in the panel, something wonderful is happening there and it creates an unusual focal point.

In conclusion,

The IAA exhibition provides a rare glimpse into the world of vehicles and a unique variety of fields- design, engineering, safety, technology and more. Even if you are not an auto enthusiast, surely you will find something to inspire or excite you in this amazing event. I personally could not ignore the unique combination of ecological production processes, surfaces and outstanding technological improvements that makes the automotive industry a whole lot of fun and efficient. The IAA describes impeccably the world of product design – a perfect combination of design, engineering and the most innovative technology in the world.

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